20 ottobre 2011

Etsy at Abilmente, the Vicenza creativity fair

[Italian Version]
From the 20th to the 23rd of October 2011 some Etsy crafters and I (madamaRobè) were protagonists at the Etsy Atelier at “Abilmente” in Vicenza (Italy) the most important Italian fair about creativity that twice each year has about 47.000 visitors each time. For the first time Etsy was there and the main aim of the Etsy Atelier was to promote Etsy, to explain how it works, the philosophy behind it and furthermore to show what it means being an active member on Etsy.

We showed our creations and we proposed several courses but above all we explained to hundrends of people what Etsy is and how to use it, trying to communicate our enthusiasm and love for Etsy. We explained that Etsy is a special place plenty of exceptional people and amazing creations and, with the help of the joyful look of the atelier and our mood, we think we succeeded to spread the love for Etsy, creativity and the handmade’s world.

To give to our Atelier the peculiar Etsy touch was definitely the wonderful mounting suggested by the organizational staff of the Vicenza’s fair: all was orange and white as the Etsy logo.
The Atelier became soon a creativity lab where ideas bloomed and developed (you’ll see the results soon in our shops!). It was easy to recreate the Etsy atmosphere in our Atelier, it came naturally and it was like we’ve known each other for a long time, this was possible thanks to the main value of Etsy: bringing heart to commerce and making the world more fair, more sustainable and more fun.
Furthermore thanks to many of our Etsy friends that visited us the Etsy vibe was amazing. Here some of their comments:

Manuel of Art in Venice:
“The Atelier was really artistic, full of sources of inspiration, really energetic, plenty of interested people! Above all the atmosphere was cheerful and it was wonderful to meet people I usually meet in the Etsy website, it was like we’ve known each other for a long time!”
Lucia of Callmemimì:
“The Atelier was a feast for the eyes! The quantity of the handicraft and crowds of  people gave the idea of joy and creativity! I felt the real spirit of Etsy at the Atelier and I felt I was in a special place.”

Federica of Federicaknits:
“Dazzled by vibrations of the orange Etsy flags I approached the Atelier and it was like entering in a magic world. The stand was beautifully adorned and the atmosphere was really warm, joyful, creative and professional. Congratulations you really did a good job!”
Vera of VeraCreations:
“The Etsy Atelier was the most beautiful of the fair! You could recognize it immediately by the orange Etsy flags. The exposure of the items was perfect and really original! Many people were interested in Etsy and I could meet my Etsy friends!”

Elisa of RelyDesign: “I recognized it from afar: I saw the orange Etsy flags! When I was near I saw my Etsy friends and the atmosphere was joyful and playful. Embraces, laughs, chats created a special harmony between people. There was the chance to know Etsy, to try new techniques and to buy beautiful items.”
Daniela of HandmadeinItaly:
“Beautiful Atelier: colourful, welcoming, in perfect Etsy style!”
Alice of Alice’s Closet:
“I was really curious to discover the Etsy Atelier and when I saw it I realized it was better than I imagined! It communicated what Etsy is: creativity and joy!”

We have to say a big thank you to Etsy and to the organizational staff of the Vicenza’s Fair that permitted us to live this beautiful experience and now some more pictures:

This article has also been published by Etsy German blog.
Here's the link: German Version

Written by: madamaRobe
Published by: oOLaPiOo

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  1. Congrats, ladies! I think it was a great moment both for the team and the people who discovered the etsy experience for the first time!


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