13 ottobre 2011

EIT for Charity: Five Lands' Flood

[versione italiana]

In the second half of October, Italy was struck by a frightening wave of storms that caused damage
everywhere, the places most affected are the Liguria and Tuscany, two of our most beautiful regions.
Those of you who do not know the Cinque Terre?

Monterosso, Five Lands, Italy

Vernazza, Five Lands, Italy

Five wonders of nature, a Mediterranean area, which is one of the most pristine of Liguria, and the Tyrrhenian coast. Five miles of rocky coastline enclosed by two headlands, five small towns castled up on spurs of stone into tiny coves, wonderful trails, wild natural environment.
Of which is now no trace remains.

Two of the five small towns have been destroyed, along with other Italian cities that have suffered serious damage. Ten victims, missing, wounded, broken families, people who have lost their homes, their shop, loved places, all overwhelmed by a terrible flood of water that has crumpled cars, uprooted trees and brought it all away.

Monterosso during the flood

Monterosso's damage

Vernazza during the flood

Vernazza's damage

And many others, are the cities we'd like to speak to you, we would like you saw how large and small villages were isolated, and the witness the terror of the inhabitants. And the flood is going on, today is arrived in Genova.

In Monterosso, just a month ago was inaugurated elementary and middle school "Enrico Fermi", which hosts a hundreds of children and which had been renovated and made safe with seismic retrofitting.
Now it is closed again and is severely damaged by the river of mud that has overwhelmed.

Etsy Team Italy has decided to make a donation to help the school to reopen and allow many children to go back to school thanks to the fundraising sponsored by La Repubblica and Sky Italy.
To help the school must make a donation to the account, and indicate how dedicated beneficiary "Alluvione, un aiuto per ricostruire." For more information you can read on the website of La Repubblica, or on that of Sky.
From November 4th to December 4th you can buy the beautiful objects (themed or not) on our charity shop. At the end of the campaign will donate all proceeds to the school children of Monterosso.

Written by CloudNumberNine
English version by InFire

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