24 settembre 2011

Interview and tips: LeChouChou

[Versione italiana]

D. Have you given yourself a hourly wage? If yes, would you mind to tell us how much is it?
R. No, I haven't, each month I calculate if, according to earnings, I worked a suitable number of hours: if earnings are proportionate to the worked hours, I am pleased.

D. Which costs do you account to make the final price, beside labour, materials and packaging? For example, the time you spent to photograph/package/list/ship it?
R. Yes, certainly! Those too are to be considered into the working time, and advertising and marketing have a cost as well. Furthermore I have to calculate taxes and compulsory contributions.

D. When one of your creations become a best seller, do you consider in the final price also the time used to conceive, project and to create a prototype (if you do that)?
R. Yes,I do charge also this part of the creative process in the final price.

D. Do you feel satisfied with your prices or do you think you are underpricing a little what you do in order to stay competitive, considering also the global economic crisis?
R. On the whole I feel satisfied, also because I am not a person with big pretences; however I believe that the work of artisans like me is underpriced.
I don’t think the real point is the global economic crisis but, at least here in Italy, it is the lack of culture and information about the value of handmade: unlike what happens for example in the Unite States, in Italy people don't understand that handmade goods are a product of fair work, through wich no one is exploited and the price is the right price..
We are used to below cost goods and we are led not to think about who pay for it: farmers not adequately paid for their crops, underpaid workers, temporary employees, immigrants expolited as cheap labour.
When we buy something undercut, someone else is paying the right price instead of us.

D. Do you remember how did you price the first five items you listed in your Etsy shop? Did you use some parameter, or did you just price them intuitively?
R. I priced them considering how much I would have paid for such an item.
Now I think I was wrong, because we ll have a different buying power.

D. As mentioned in this article “Pricing tips for your creative business” the experience gained through time has its value. Do you consider this factor? If yes, In wich way?
R. As time goes by, our skills improve, products qualities refine, so I think the same item made nowdays, even if in production for years, has a higher value because its quality has improved. Therefore I ask a higher price for it.

D. What differences do you see between pricing your items now and when you were a beginner on Etsy?
R. Today I need to consider for the final price on my on-line shops, also the price that the very same item will have at my retailers, so to fix a cost for them that will allow both to them and myself a good earning, and also making possible that the customer may buy it at the same price on-line or at the shop.

Le Chou Chou is Paola’s jewelry shop. Paola was born near Naples and she has always been fond of miniaturistic and goldsmith tradition of her city. Since she was a little girl she was fascinated by jewelry belonging to archaeological finds in the eruption area of Vesuvius. As well as offering everyday objects, such as teacups or delicious slices of cake, reproduced as eclectic and original jewelry miniatures, with attention to every detail, Paola creates what she calls “wearable art” pieces, made in limited edition, using ceramic, antiqued filigree and vintage materials.

Written by Frannyshome
Revised by Etherealflowers

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  1. Very interesting! The works of Lechouchou are delicious and very detailed. Thet's what I seek to a handmade item!

  2. Paola's work is amazing!I love her pretty cute jewelry <3

  3. Thank you Paola, it's very intresting! I really appreciate it! :)

  4. Interesting comments about the artisan's work! "When we buy something undercut, someone else is paying the right price instead of us" I totally agree!

  5. thank you, Paola, for your interesting comments; the most difficult thing for me is to decide the total price of each item, including time for photos, (a lot of hours!), tags and promotion


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