1 settembre 2011

EIT for charity: northern Italy earthquake - Second donation

The fund-raising campaign for Emilia Romagna Earthquake, promoted by EtsyItalia team, has ended.
You can see the previous stages of the campaing at the follow web links:

In the first stage of the campaign, ended on June, we have donated 700€ to region of Emilia Romagna. In the second stage we have donated 405€ to Finale Emilia town hall and 405€ to S.C.P.A. San Felice sul Panaro for their school and help for people.
The receipts:


We had almost 200 items, 131 sales, 1510€ collected (without Etsy and Paypal taxes), 14 countries from over the world involved.

Thanks to all of you who have partecipated by buying from charity shop, by donating creations and promoting the campaign, thanks to Pam with her treasuries and a giveaway, to Diana, the winner of the giveaway and her post, to the Treasury Flash Mob team, to Helena - Simplyhelena, to Daniela - Handmadeinitaly, to Anna - Themuubear, to Sonia - Lofficina, to Silvia - Cloudnumbernine, to Anna - Lalunadianna, to Marzia - Lefolliedimarzia, to Laura - Kosmika and to Francesca - Etherealflowers.

The emergency in Emilia Romagna is ended but there is a lo tof work to do, towns and communities to rebuild, materials and money to collect.
We'll never forget them nor the other people we helped in the past:
Alluvione5 Terre

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