30 settembre 2011

Recipe: Halloween pumpkin pie

[Italian version]

Tomorrow is Halloween, the night of the witches!
With the pumpkin pulp extracted by our Halloween lantern, we can prepare a tasty cake, great for snacks or breakfast.
The preparation is very simple and the result is very nice:

150 g of pumpkin pulp
8 "amaretti"(almond macaroons)
225 g of flour
2 eggs
50 g of almonds
100 g of butter
1/2 cup of milk
grated lemon peel
chocolate chips (optional)
a pinch of salt
8 g of baking powder
icing sugar

Cut the pumpkin into cubes, put it in a pot with a little water and cook it until it becomes tender. Let all the cooking water to evaporate, drain and mash with a fork. If there's water accumulated on the bottom of the bowl, drain again and let the pumpkin draining for a few minutes.
Lightly toast the almonds and finely grind them with a mixer together with the "amaretti" to form a flour. Add the yolks of the eggs to the cooked and drained pumpkin and mix with a whisk. Then stir in the softened butter, a pinch of salt and the lemon peel.
For a successful outcome of the sweet, cooked pumpkin should be deprived of all the water in excess.

When the mixture is blended, gradually add the flour, almonds, "amaretti", baking powder and, if you want, chocolate chips. If the dough is too hard, add some milk.
Whip the egg whites until they stiff and embed them slowly with a spatula, stir from the bottom up to incorporate air.
Butter a mold of about 24 cm in diameter and pour in the mixture.

CookingBake in preheated oven for 20 minutes at 180° and then for another 25-30 minutes at 150 degrees. If the surface is too colored, after the first 30 minutes, protect it with a sheet of aluminum. The cooking depends on the degree of moisture of the pumpkin, so check with a toothpick before you turn off the oven. If necessary, cook a few minutes more, slightly lowering the temperature of the oven and protecting the surface with aluminum.

DecorationWhen the cake is cold you can decorate it as you like with plenty of icing sugar.
To decorate the cake in the first photo I used the pattern that you can find here: Jack o'lantern: step by step tutorial.
Just cut the elements of the face of the pumpkin, then lay them on the cake and sprinkle with plenty of sugar. Gently remove the molds of paper when you've finished.

Bon appetit and...

Written by: La Pi

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