4 ottobre 2010

Fashion trends F/W 2011 - Color,color,color!

Silk graphic dress by Nivule

Rise your hand if you've been pleasantly overwhelmed by the trends of the soon arriving fall/winter!
I've been for sure! The fashion shows and the various collections presented have given room to colors galore,which is very strange,since in the latest years there has always been a certain strictness, in choosing the palettes for the cold season.

Leather bag by Homemadebags

I was already used to see black,brown,grey in all his shades,dark blue,etc etc....
And here comes the surprise of this year :maybe due to the throughout prevailing economical crisis,fashion has almost wanted to make us a gift,giving us the chance to brighten up or winter wardrobes.

Obviously,we people of the Etsy Italia Team could not be outdone!

Ruffled pink and red scarf from Callmemimì

Most trendy colors will be:
-Turquoises and all electric or ultramarine blues
-Oranges: from the most phosphorescent to the darkest and burnt.
-Ochres and "mustard", been famous on Etsy from years on
-Fire red
-Violet in all its brightest shades
-Emerald green and peacock green

70s style coat from EleonoraEsposito

Obviously making it a jumble of colors is never advisable,but since fashion is also fun and amusement,why not to juxtapose 2 or 3 colors?
As you can see from the photos,the result is amazing to say the least!
And you?What will be your color for fall/winter 2011?
have a blast and let us know!

Written by AliceCloset
Translated by Lazyfish

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