3 novembre 2012

EIT for Etsy

In the past weeks a big hurricane hit Cuba, Haiti and Jamaica, and its devastating power reached also the east coast of the United States.

Sandy - this is the name of the hurricane - hit also New York, which is one of the cities that have suffered more damages, especially in the lower side of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.
Due to the floods and fires many public services were blocked, as shown by the New York Times, and a prolonged blackout turned off the spotlight on the skyline of the city.

In this situation, Internet has an important role to provide real time  information and to handle emergencies, for example through Twitter.

EtsyItaliaTeam sympathy goes to all those who live in the United States and in particular to those who work for Etsy in the site of DUMBO, Brooklyn.
Our team wants to give its contribution to aid collecting and spreading initiatives that can be supported at distance, so we'll keep this post updated hoping that  the woulds that hurricane inflicted can heal soon and the daily life in New York and other cities affected can go to be calm again.

With this hope, we show the images of NY before this catastrophe happened, showing roads, buildings and monuments like we have known and admired them exactly a year ago.

Projects in support of  Sandy emergency:
- Buy handmade! The TeamFab is raising funds by selling the (obviously) fabulous items of its members and you can find all of them HERE. All the proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross.
- A free hot meal, thanks to Citymeals.
- Medical care, thanks to the American Red Cross.

Want to suggest a project?
Contact us by emailing at etsyitalia AT gmail.com

Do you want to spread this initiative?
Here's how:
- Download the badge below (right click + save image as)
- Use it as your profile picture on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks
- Do not forget to include the link to this post and the hashtag #eitforetsy
-Share this information, let your friends know that you care about Sandy emergency and  about the people who work for Etsy in New York!

Text & images by Ilaria Biamonti
Translation Daniela Zanardelli

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