12 gennaio 2011

Be my Valentine!

It's almost here!

The holidays are gone and in about a month it's going to be the lovers' holiday.

To be honest, I'm not too keen on this holiday… but it's almost impossible not to notice the shops and their windows filled with hearts! So I thought to prepare a look for all the chic girls out there who that day, February 14th, are going to be cute, chic and beautiful!

Obviously, let's start with a dress: vintage, of course!

Vintage is becoming more easily available here in Italy and to celebrate the most romantic holiday of the year, a sexy sheath dress is exactly what you need.

Sparkling red ring by VeraCreations

And then, some jewelry: red and sparkly is a must! But be careful: statement jewelry requires a perfect manicure and, for this occasion, a red shiny nail polish in the same shade ^__^

You don't need a ring necessarily, a necklace or earrings are great too, just choose a very bold one.

And remember what Audrey Hepburn said in "Breakfast at Tiffany's": wearing diamonds before your forties is so tacky. So choose costume jewelry instead (Coco Chanel loved it so much).

Red felt hat by Satyrikonlab

And then, the hat: the one you see here is made with felt (it's cold in February) and it reminds the '20 -'30.

Pink Soft leather clutch by LunaBluandCo

Finally, the handbag! My choice is this clutch in a soft powder pink (you don't need to wear only red!), with flower embellishments. It's small, but for one day, you can live without carrying your whole world inside your purse. A piece of advice: lipstick, an embroidered handkerchief, your ID and some money, of course!

Now you're all ready and sparkly for your Valentine.

Happy St. Valentine, girls!


Written by AliceCloset

Translated by Paunnet

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