6 luglio 2015

EIT for Greece

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Etsy Italia Team is twinned since a a few years with Etsy Greek Street Team. This 'pact' was born on an impulse, after chatting on Etsy forums and it has been going on thanks to the affinities linking our leadership to theirs: the enthusiasm about the community, the awareness that Etsy can be, for many people and in time of crisis, a way to rise up some earnings and, for sure, the mediterranean disposition we both have.
On 2013, during the European Etsy Captains Summit in Berlin, we met Nafsika, the EGST captain, in person at last and we just clicked right away, with the same feeling of being on the same page we had while exchanging messages on Etsy to make our teams collaborate on various activities (read this article to know something more about the Greek team).
We always kept in touch with Nafsika and since a while we're worried for her and our Greek collegues and friends; Nafsika tells us what is happening: banks are closed, withdrawing cash from ATM is limited and many Etsy  Greek sellers cannot pay Etsy fees because they cannot make payments to foreign countries from their bank accounts,

Greek people for us are not some abstract entity or a far away reality: they are persons we feel near our hearts, with the same values and often, the same problems as ours. They are part of our community, they are our neighbours and in a situation of need such as this, we think it is very important to offer them our solidarity and a concrete help.

What we want to do

We want to show our support to our Greek collegues and their businesses by inviting sellers and customers to buy from them, so to help them in these times of great uncertainty.

If you want to help us doing that, this is what YOU can do:

  • Buy handmade goods from Greek shops on Etsy;
  • Choose PAYPAL as method of payment (also if you pay with the credit card) otherwise the money will end up on their bank accounts, which are blocked.

    NB. Please pay attention to select it! Etsy sets the direct checkout (linked to bank accounts) as default method of payment.
  • Share on social media the shop you shopped from or this blog post or just the campaign, by using the following hashtags #etsy #buyfromgreekshops #compradaigreci;
  • Share the page of curated Greek handmade goods curated by EGST;
  • Share EIT selection of Greek handmade goods on Etsy.

Just remember, even a small help is a huge help!

And to finish all this, we leave you with a small selection of marvelous products of our Greek collegues: 

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  1. Vi ringrazio amici Italiani! :-D
    Baci da Grecia!!! :-D

  2. Thank you very much for your support!!!


  3. Your support is very important for us!
    Thank you very much!!!

  4. Thank you for your support!
    Eleni from EPSILONstudio

  5. Thank you very much Italia team! You are really supporting!

  6. Very touching!! Thanks for your support!

    vess65 from vess65

  7. Thank you, team Italia, for your amazing work, grazie tanto!

  8. For Greek sellers there is also this thread where you are invited to share your products. We will favorite them to let you gain more exposure and hopefully more sales. Good luck to all of you xx

  9. shared on my FB


  10. Grazie di tutto!
    Il vostro supporto sta molto importante!

  11. few posts on my IG , will post more , keep creating guys!!!!

  12. Thank you so much for your support , such moments we have to show globally our human face !

  13. Thank you so much for your support! Kisses from Greece

  14. Thank you so much!!!! You are such wonderful people!!!!!!!!
    Sivylla from "sivylla"

  15. Τι να πω? Ένα ευχαριστώ δεν είναι αρκετό. Υποκλίνομαι στο μεγαλείο της ψυχής σου!

  16. Grazie per il vostro sostegno perche lo so che in Italia la vita e diventata piu difficile anche per voi.


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