1 novembre 2011

Horoscope 2012: Air Signs

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Horoscope: many love it, lots criticize it but everyone read it.
Whether you believe in the influence of the stars on our lives, or approach to astrology with a critical eye, not many are immune to its charm. Moreover, since ancient times, the stars and the planets in our sky have inspired poets, scholars and prophets for their beauty and their mysterious beauty.
And so, let's start a little journey through the constellations and the zodiac signs to discover what the stars are promising us for 2012, without losing sight of our love for the Handmade in Italy.

Stars earrings by Mairi Tales
Let's start with Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

After an unhappy start at the beginning of the year, Gemini will see their luck raising from June, when Jupiter, the symbol of good fortune, will enter in the sign and will open the doors to a bright and auspicious period: many projects will materialize and unexpected desires will come true. Venus will enters the sign in April, giving family joys, affections, and perhaps a new love. The ones born on June will have an unforgettable birthday!
For Gemini, I chose a beautiful ring with aquamarine, the birthstone of the sign, that can give peace of mind and to act as a powerful talisman in love.

Acquamarine ring by alchemia1
Libra comes from a particularly difficult year, Saturn has created many problems breaking balance and subjecting those born in the sign to Herculean labors. The first months of the year will continue in its wake, with great effort and a few awards. But the window of opportunity will begin in June, with Jupiter in trine, which will bring satisfaction in the workplace and financial. In October, then, when Saturn will finally leave the sign constellation, Libra will feel light and ready to fly again.
For this sign I chose a bracelet of green malachite. Malachite, as well as being a natural talisman for those born in Libra, can help for the first few months of the year, to counter the suffocating energy of Saturn.

Green malachite bracelet by PiaBarile
And let's conclude our journei in the Air Signs with Aquarius
It's still Saturn the protagonist of this year for the astrological sign of Aquarius. The planet will be propitious for people born in February, and will promise moral strength, better organizational skills in work and love life. In October, however, it will change its angle in the sky, so that those born under the sign, in the fall 
may be faced with new responsibilities. Jupiter, against up to June, would later become favorable, leading the recovery in employment and the economy.
For the Aquarium, I chose a wonderful necklace with blue quartz pendants. The blue quartz, also known as the "Stone of Angels", as well as being a natural talisman for those born under the sign of Aquarius, is said to have anti-stress properties, encourages creativity and personal growth.

Blue quartz necklace by nanofactory
We will continue our journey next time with Water Signs.
Happy 2012 to everyone!
The astrological forecasts have been drawn from: www.sirioastrologia.it

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