29 novembre 2011

Horoscope 2012: Water Signs

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Today we take inspiration from the Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) to continue our journey half way between the stars and the handmade.

2012 promises to be a changeable year for those born under the sign of Cancer. The planets that influence you in a propitious way are Jupiter and Mars, the first giving you luck in all aspects of money and work, the latter contributing to the success of the projects that relate to physical health, beauty and well being.
However, for those born in June, Pluto and Uranus against suggest caution in the management of monetary resources and patience in dealing with uncertain situations that may bring impatience with the environment where you are. Those born in July, however, still suffer from the slow transit of Saturn, which caused heavy, exhaustion, low morale. Saturn will be more favorable from October 4th, now giving a sigh of relief.
Cancer, ruled by the Moon, benefits from the proximity of pearly white stones like Moonstone, Opal, Mother of Pearl, Rock Crystal Quartz, so I chose those earrings with Mother of Pearl stones. Worn in the moonlight will give you an almost blinding splendor!

Earrings by Cloud Number Nine

In 2012 there are two important events astral: Saturn will enter into the sign on October 4th, while Jupiter  will be favorable starting June 11. Saturn takes 29 years to make the rounds of the Zodiac and his long stay in a sign will always be verychallenging, questioning of the very important aspects of your life. In short, you will get a crisis, but it's up to you to decide how to deal with it: yielding to pessimism and self-destructiveness -typical of the sign- or opening your mind to the wisdom, building your lives by challenging the limits of time. Jupiter on June 11, will end its stressful aspect. Until then, there may be declines in the areas of work and money and uncertainty in business, or problems with the IRS. For those born in Scorpio, whose color is red and whose birthstone is the ruby​​, I chose this beautiful ruby red ring.

Ruby red ring by LaPerLa

The most significant event for those born in Pisces is certainly the entry of the planet Neptune in the sign; for its slow motion it will pass in your sign until March 30th 2025 and at first will affect those born in February. The influence of Neptune can be positive or negative: it can be tricky on the emotional, or spur you to experience the love idealism or, again, will inspire you to raise your spirit with music, art or faith . Saturn from 4th October, will have favorable and valuable support of moral strength, while Jupiter, until June, will facilitate the work and especially the economy. In the second half of the year you may experience a decline in social and professional relationships.
For this sign, I chose an aquamarine pendulum, to use as a tool of divination or as a pendant. The aquamarine, while mirroring the character of Pisces, gives serenity and inner peace are essential to better address the pitfalls of Neptune.

Aquamarine pendulum by The Witch Emporium

See you soon with the signs of fire!
The astrological predictions are taken from www.sirioastrologia.it

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