4 marzo 2011

150 anniversary of the Unification of Italy

[Italian version]

On March 17th, 1861 the unification of Italy was declared.
The supporters of unification were intellectuals and politicians of the time, inspired by the ideals of the French Revolution and the desire to never ever see their own peninsula broken up under the hegemony of different foreign powers.
The people, especially farmers, were not happy and they did not participate in the process of unification: being basically practical, they were more interested in food for their bellies rather than food for their minds.


In fact, the unification of the peninsula and the birth of Italy as a nation are still considered as a plan rather than a moment in history.
Cavour, himself, said that despite the victory neither Italy nor the Italians were “made”.
Yet, after 150 years, we are still here, the people of Italy, united by our indolence as citizens that prefer full stomachs, that watch our young people leave with minds full of ideals but with empty pockets since they are reluctant to bend to a social machine which numbs the mind.
We are here, united from North to South by a great past, a wonderful climate, a unique kind of vegetation and marvellous sceneries, by a common language rich in itself and also enriched by so many different dialectics, by a sunny and effervescent creativity in all fields, by a strong practical spirit and will to open up to others and, finally, by a huge cultural heritage.


As a team, we wish to celebrate March 17th by proposing some ideas and by becoming more visible in the Etsy online-sales platform, which joins sellers and buyers from all over the world. The aim is to wave our Three-colour flag in our own special way.
Our team is composed mainly of women; many of us have temporary jobs or have lost our jobs recently. Many of us are students, mothers and full time workers. Some of us live abroad.
We are Italian people, those who want a full stomach, without sacrificing their minds full of ideals.
We are the ones who do not surrender to clichés, who believe in our capacities, who promote our creations all over the world, creations that are as rich and different as Italian regions are
The week preceding March 17th and on the March 17th itself, please visit our on-line shops: you will contribute to demonstrating all over the world, by means of new technologies, your love for our country in a new and original way
This is our way to “make” Italy!


Some Etsy Italia Team Shops will be offering special discounts and promotions!
From March 10th, search Etsy for the shops who joined the promotion by using the tag 150ITALIA

Search also for Treasuries and the Italian flag on our avatars and banner!

By MairiTales
Translation by MiamaCreazioni and ArchivioGotico

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  1. Great article & great promotions!
    these tricolored creations are lovely! :D

  2. Beautiful post, very interesting! And I love all the creations!!!

  3. Thank you Mairi!! Your magic ideas are our ideas!!
    We are united and together we want to promote Italian taste and our creativity, that make us really proud!!!!

  4. i quote Notforeat here above :))) we are a messed up country but creative people will make it better - we're italian and proud to be it!

  5. I like the humour behind these words. Very enjoyable read.

  6. I love it, thanks for these words, in which I fully recognize myself.
    I definitely think all the best of Etsy Italia Team!

  7. Great article! Beautiful tricolored items!

  8. Thanks to you all team :) Lol Lab, you're right :D


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