18 novembre 2010

Winter in blue

[English version]

Blue lake flower brooch or fascinator by Etherealflowers

And maybe here we are at last! Winter hesitated this year and I thought of putting my sweaters and scarves back in the trunk… but here it comes! Air is clean and fresh, smelling of snow from the mountains.

Fashion is following the weather and the last fashion trends cry out just one thing: Blue – Blu - Azul – Bleu – Blau!

Blue on Blue – 60s dress by FabDant1

A vibrant color, full of life and incredibly elegant (especially in the ultramarine shade).

In the Sixties, this and other bright colors were everywhere in women’s fashion collections; and every respectable woman had to wear coordinated accessories!

From shoes to bags, from hats to gloves ^___^

Blue earrings by CloudNumberNine

Luckily, today there’s more freedom of choice and I do suggest to those who would like to have a try, to use sober anonymous accessories… This color will draw enough attention! ^_^

The shades of blue you’ll see in shops are: ultramarine, cobalt and Prussian blue.

Suggestion: if you want to dare, buy a little 60’s ultramarine blue coat… Success!

Cobalt blue lampwork beads set by angelasermoneta

If you don’t feel so brave, give free reins to accessories: a lovely blue pair of shoes will lead you everywhere ^__^

Written by AliceCloset

Translated by lapaperagialla

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