14 giugno 2011

EIT for charity: northern Italy earthquake - First donation

[Versione italiana]

The earthquake that has hit the northern Italy seems to not have an end, earthquakes are going on, luckily there are no other people injuried or damaged buildings.
The local residents are working hard to return to normality, to reopen farms and factories, to live again in their home.
At the moment there are calls for help such as money, things, engineers.
The EtsyItaliaTeam has contributed with a fund-raising campaign in its charity shop. The campaign was well-attended and we have donated the first 700€ to region of Emilia Romagna, here it is the receipt:

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts to Pam who has worked a lot to promote the campaign with a lot of treasuries and a giveaway on her blog. Also Diana, the winner of the giveaway, has written a post on her blog. Thank you :)

Thanks to Treasury Flash Mob team that for a week will host treasuries with our charity shop to promote the campaign. You are great! :)

A big thank to Daniela – Handmadeinitaly, Anna – Themuubear and Sonia – Lofficina who have helped to manage the charity shop. A thank to the leaders Silvia – Cloudnumbernine , Anna - Lalunadianna, Marzia - Lefolliedimarzia, Laura - Kosmika e Francesca - Etherealflowers who follow the whole campaign.

Thanks to all of you who have partecipated by donating your creations, by buying from the charity shop and by promoting the campaign.
Many Etsy teams asked us to partecipate by donating their creations. Unfortunately we had to decline because of technical reasons but we'd like to thank you anyway :)
It is wonderful to see how many people, from different countries, have partecipate, thank you from the heart :)

The EtsyItaliaTeam wants to contribute again by donating the beautiful creations of its members for sale in its charity shop. The proceeds will be donated to litlle local no-profit organitazions, we already have considered some of them recommended by our team members.

If you are an EtsyItalia team member and you want to donate an item for the charity shop, just follow these instructions.

-- June 14 - 172 donated items, 114 sold items, about 1292€ revenue to donate (net of Etsy and PayPal taxes) 700€ of which already donated to region Emilia Romagna, 12 countries involved.
-- June 17 - 173 donated items, 116 sold items, about 1312€ revenue to donate (net of Etsy and Paypal taxes) 700€ of which already donated to region Emilia Romagna, 13 countries involved.

Past found-rising:
- Five Land's Flood (Oct 2011- Feb 2012)
- GECA Onlus (2011 Jul-Sep)

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