23 novembre 2013

How.Do - Tell your story with voice and images

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The best part of faires, often, is about the people one happens to meet and the Maker Faire attended by EIT on last October in Rome did prove this right.

Among the most interesting acquaintances, there was the one with Nils Westerlund, co-founder of How.Do, who explained us what How.Do is and why Etsy sellers should use it; he clearly persuaded me, since here I am, telling all about it and why you should use it as well ;)

What is How.Do
How.Do is an App for iPhone (soon for Android as well, they tell us) and a start-up, with its offices in Berlin, in the very same co-working space where Etsy offices are.

How How.Do was born
Wonders often bloom by the meeting and mixing of different worlds and so How.Do was born from the collision of the experiences of Emma Rose Metcalfe, ceramist and product designer, and Nils Westerlund, former techno music producer and SoundCloud employee, and from their shared interest to “... build something that allowed people to share the experience of doing, in a really fun and quick way. But not something that would only exist for a few - something anybody had the skill and time to use”, as told by Emma Rose. Along with the third co-funder Edward Jewson, during the Summer of 2012, How.Do was born, they moved from Stockholm to Berlin and now, from there, they keep working to improve the App and let the DIY community around it grow, fast and curious.

Un workshop presso gli uffici di How.Do a Berlino

What How.Do does
The App was created to allow anybody with a smartphone to create a micro-guide, putting together photos and voice in a smart way.
What struck me most about this App, is how easy it is to use it and the very intuitive way anybody can realize a tutorial, in few minutes, without the need of a video-camera or being able to put together or edit videos. Another side I find the most fascinating about it, it is how, being it born to give crafters and makers a tool to share quickly their knowledge on how to create, fix or modify objects, it is now used in different ways by the users, for the most classic storytelling: voice and images, like turning the pages of a book, to tell a story.

TINKER HALLOWEEN a micro guide by Tinker Kits on HowDo

How.Do for Etsy

And now the good part: you know what Etsy people tell us everytime, to tell our story and our product’s one, to let our customers understand its uniqueness and authenticity? Right so, then I believe How.Do is the perfect tool to tell this story.

Just think about the About page or the description of your product, but made by photos and voice together: people visiting your shop will be able not only to see and read what’s behind your brand but will be able also to listen your voice while you tell about it, perceiving definitely that yes, they’re dealing with a person that lives, breathes, speaks ;)  creating by that a more intimate connection with the visitors of your shop.
You will be able also to show how you create your products, to let people understand how hard it is and how much study and technique it is needed to do so, or to explain which peculiar technique you use or then, you could create tutorials for your blog to attract visitors.
In brief, How.Do is the tool and your fantasy is the limit!

Examples on how to use How.Do


  • How.Do now allows to make videos too. If you haven’t done that yet, update it right away!
  • How.Do is also a community of DIY lovers, with whom you can share what you know and from whom you can learn many new things. Let yourself involved!
  • You can share your How.Do micro-guides by a link, by embedding them in your blog or website or you can share them on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. With just one click ;)
  • Convert Your Online Tutorials into Amazing How.Dos

What do you think about it? :)

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